Silicone emulsion based exterior primer (White) with surface filling power.

Forms a link between the paint and the surface. • Reduces the paint consumption. Avoids water and moisture penetration in great scale. Prevent the generation of moss and bacterium. Avoids differentail absorption of the paint by the surface. ncrease the durability of the paint. 

Applicable on the mineral based highly absorbent surface s and also can be used before the first painting.

The surfaces subject to Boyart Artsilan Silicone Based Exterior Primer (White Primer) application must be clean and dry, free from all kinds of dirt, oil and dust. Boyart Artsilan Silicone Based Exterior Primer (White Primer) is applied as a single layer either with brush, roller or spraying. Boyart Artsilan Silicone Based Exterior Paint is used 6 hours after the application of Boyart Artsilan Silicone Based Exterior Primer (White Primer). Attention should be given to the temperature of the surface and the atmosphere during the application, preferably to be kept at min.+5ºC, max.+30ºC. 
THINNING (Volume):

At most 10 % thinned with water. 

Last Layer Paint Application: 6 –12hours.

1 Liter of Boyart Artsilan Silicone based Exterior primer (White Primer) covers 7-11 m² a single dry film depending on the surface to be painted. 
 Shelf life is 2 years when stored unopened, dry and cool conditions.

PACKING: 15 Lt, 7,5 Lt