Water based,Acrylic Copolymer emulsion Acrylic Copolymer Concentrated primer for interior.


Has high penetration and adherance, Oderless, Constitutes a bridge between paint and surface Decreases the surface absorbence and paint consumption


It is applied to surfaces which are highly absorbance and/or dust emission such as plaster, lime-wash, the surfaces with absorber plastic paint in low quality lost his character, gas concrete, etc.


The surfaces that will be applied should be firm, dry, and clean and in a situation that can carry itself. It should be applied without shading/lapping with brush or roller (by moving roller one time in one side in the surface).Attention: It should be provided not to create a glazed film of our transparent coats in lapping and/or in the applications

except the surfaces that are specified above. The brightness in the surfaces that the film layer is created should be removed in a mechanical way (sanding, buffing etc.). Otherwise, the problems such as peeling, cracking, blistering, the impress of roll and covering may occur. It should be applied in way that will not create film layer.

Our transparent-character primers shouldn’t be used in a way that sill create film in the surfaces by the aim of isolation.

THINNING (Volume):

1 cup of primer is be thinned with 7 cup of water.


First Dry : 60 minute, Paint Application : 4 hours later


It is 15-25 ml/m2 in single layer depending on the surface smoothness and absorbance. You can primer 40-65 m2 place with one liter. Controlled sample must have done forcertain consumption.

STORAGE:It can be kept for 2 years at a cool place protected from



15lt, 7,5lt. 2.5lt, 0.75 lt